Biography Term Paper Topics

A List of Biography Term Paper Topics

This paper looks at the life of Theodore Roosevelt as the man who set a precedent for the use of government power and molded the Presidency in this context.

If you decided to write an essay on this topic you have to look at Charles Finney's life and how he and his teachings influenced others.

This paper will discuss the biography of Medgar Evers, and how he lived a life fighting segregation in Mississippi. He was a part of the Civil rights Movement, but was mostly isolated in Mississippi during much of this period. Perhaps we can learn about this great hero of the Movement, and how he helped give a better name to blacks everywhere. 

This paper will discuss the life of John Singleton Mosby , and will focus on his leadership during the Civil War in the South. By understanding the military career, as well as other personal attributes, we can see how he functioned at this level in his life.

This essay will examine Machiavelli's career and work with respect to the intellectual and political climate in which he lived. An examination of the central issues of his two major works - the means to power in The Prince, and how the end justifies the means in The Discourses - will demonstrate how necessary it is to contextualize Machiavelli's work with respect to the dominant ideas of his day. It will be argued that, when situated in his own era, the political views which appear brutally cynical even to those living in the late twentieth century become understandable and, in their own way, morally admirable. 

This undergraduate level paper examines the book of the title's depiction of Benjamin Franklin. It observes that the book attempts to encompass the entirety of Franklin's life and, in so doing, must focus on one particular over-arching theme - that of Franklin's personal passions that led him to do everything he did. The author does fail to adequately cite/source his information and thus makes the book read more like a dry historical novel than a biographical text. But, it does achieve its goal - to present Benjamin Franklin's character as one of intense energies, creativity, and passions that, among other things, helped create America.

This paper is based on the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin which analyzes the relationships with, and/ or attitudes toward who were in regular contacts with him.

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